[CARTOON][ONE PIECE] Luffy With A Smile

I've always kind of liked sketching since I was a boi. Mostly cartoons, then, later on, turned to sketching real life things, people. At some point, I've once heard myself say, I could draw anything from a picture, in which, I'm not sure if it was just an empty boast. Probably was. Anyway, comes College, … Continue reading [CARTOON][ONE PIECE] Luffy With A Smile

[EDITOR][SUBLIME] Packages for Web App Development

I've searching the web for packages of Sublime Text 3 both from the and blogs. Below are those I've found helpful for creating a website. Currently Used SideBarEnhancements sublime linter + sublime linter jslint BracketHighlighter Alignment Material Theme (Do not need "A File Icon") Babel New Found Emmet SublimeCodeIntel + Java​Script Completions Color Highlighter (Already … Continue reading [EDITOR][SUBLIME] Packages for Web App Development

[REVIEW] Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (2018)

[RATING: 80/100] Okay. This is epic. More bloodier than ever. More realy and dirty but still awesome. This should still be ok for kids, I guess. This story is for kids. Relatively, I think this is a better movie from past adaptation(s). The seem to have hired good, famous actors for the voices of these … Continue reading [REVIEW] Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (2018)

[LIFE][TIPS][Notes] How To Learn Anything 10x Faster

How To Learn Anything 10x Faster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLwFbwPbqyY&t=28s This is just my notes from this youtube channel I found very helpful. Thought I'd list it here. 1. Measure unit of success (by milestones) --> 1st: 10 seconds are great, 2nd: 30 seconds are great, 3rd: 30 seconds are not good (Diagnose to fix) 2. Pick only … Continue reading [LIFE][TIPS][Notes] How To Learn Anything 10x Faster

[Movie Review] Searching (2018)

Rating: 85/100 Summary: A loving dad, lost in touch with his dauther after his wife's death, must search his lost daughter. Searching through Margot's, his daughter, computer. The story is told in the eyes on all data recorded digitally, meaning the video cameras, everything seen in a computer screen, in a TV, which is refreshing … Continue reading [Movie Review] Searching (2018)