[MANGA] Rereading a manga is a bad idea!

Rating: 50/100

Ever had a desire to read again a manga you’ve finished? Relived the moment of the fun you had? I did and it was disappointing.

One of the many manga I did enjoy a long, long time ago is a series called “Defense Devil”. It was quick, fast pace, and a page turner.

The story is not what is to be expected from the title. It is not the arc where demons terrorizes some folks but about  an outcast of a devil with a unique background, which will be revealed in the later chapters (I will try not to write any spoilers, in case you decide to read the series). The gist is that in this world, when people passed away with a “troubling” sin, that is mostly dependent on others perception on you, the Shinigami, a devil, would come by to pass judgment. A completely unbiased system.

So here comes this eccentric devil, whose had a clever scheme to return to the demon world by gaining strength for acting as both lawyer and investigator as defendant of the “accused” spirit, gather some evidence and present them to someone or something. This entity, when enough proof is presented, would then weight the scale if he/she should go to hell. In my opinion, whoever designed this system has made a needlessly, inefficient procedure.

Why is the judge a devil?

Why is a sin based on other’s opinion? (successful serial-killers, rejoice!)

Wouldn’t it be just 1000% easier to check the spirit’s actions rather than checking on other’s opinion on that spirit?

And so, this puts me in a thought. Rereading may be a bad idea. In a manga? Worst.

In the book “Second Thoughts”, it stated:

The standard view is that rereading is an additive process, wherein we perceive more and more about a given work until we have internalized the very words. However, such continual review also dulls certain sensibilities.

Basically, noticing things you hadn’t before. If this is right, then a read you had loved back long ago might be not as good as you thought it would be. This could be doubly in a manga where the majority of the readers are kid and teens , which does not usually ask the “why” and “how”. In my case, back then, if it is action-packed, it is awesome.

So if you don’t want to ruin your favorite Manga, a reread may majorly not be suggested.

What do you think? Would you like to revisit the fun of rereading your favorite manga?


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