Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki: talking frog, elves, and a high-school kid with a limitless mana

Rating 65/100

The story of a practical kid, summoned in a fantasy world. With a very powerful potential, conquering the world would be like making dinner,but he chose to go around helping those in a bind, in a worry what bad things that could inadvertently be affected by the mana he has yet to master.

Good story for your normal, law-abiding citizen.




Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki

Other name: chronicles of my adventures in another world with kawazu-san

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural

Author: Kuzumochi, Ryuu

Status: Ongoing           Views: 1,005,577            Bookmark


Tarou was an ordinary universary student until a strange old magician summoned him to another world, upon learning that his magical power is 8 million, he uses that abnormally powerful magic to revive the old man that caused all this… In the form of a frog. Thus begin the strange adventures of a boy with ridiculous magical power and Kawazu, the former strongest magician, now revived as a frog.



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