[REVIEW] Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (2018)

[RATING: 80/100]


Okay. This is epic.

More bloodier than ever. More realy and dirty but still awesome. This should still be ok for kids, I guess. This story is for kids. Relatively, I think this is a better movie from past adaptation(s). The seem to have hired good, famous actors for the voices of these animals. No singing. Just story and drama. The singing bear does not exist. There is a semblance of that bear in this movie, the care and love for Mowgli, but the character is more real, with faults. You will see in the movie (released now).

The brutality was not removed in this movie. As it should be. It is in the jungle. The characters ARE wild. This movie did not forget that. It’s good. Very cool.

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