[CARTOON][ONE PIECE] Luffy With A Smile

I've always kind of liked sketching since I was a boi. Mostly cartoons, then, later on, turned to sketching real life things, people. At some point, I've once heard myself say, I could draw anything from a picture, in which, I'm not sure if it was just an empty boast. Probably was. Anyway, comes College, … Continue reading [CARTOON][ONE PIECE] Luffy With A Smile

[EDITOR][SUBLIME] Packages for Web App Development

I've searching the web for packages of Sublime Text 3 both from the and blogs. Below are those I've found helpful for creating a website. Currently Used SideBarEnhancements sublime linter + sublime linter jslint BracketHighlighter Alignment Material Theme (Do not need "A File Icon") Babel New Found Emmet SublimeCodeIntel + Java​Script Completions Color Highlighter (Already … Continue reading [EDITOR][SUBLIME] Packages for Web App Development

[REVIEW] Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (2018)

[RATING: 80/100] Okay. This is epic. More bloodier than ever. More realy and dirty but still awesome. This should still be ok for kids, I guess. This story is for kids. Relatively, I think this is a better movie from past adaptation(s). The seem to have hired good, famous actors for the voices of these … Continue reading [REVIEW] Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (2018)