[TV-Show Review] Daredevil

Rating: 85/100 The MC is blind, a lawywer, and the daredevil. Trained by an old blind man from a secret organization, kind of like assassins. With his long time friend, they build a firm helping the poor with quality service while behind the scenes, unbeknownst to his friends, the daredevil works underground to stop the … Continue reading [TV-Show Review] Daredevil

Barry: A very funny assassin

Rating: 75/100 Watched: Season 1, episode 1 What a very interesting idea. A retired soldier, become assassin, discovers the joy of acting. The humor is, the scenes in the series just seems so serious, and even without a bit of effort, in what I could perceive, of this expressive face of Bill Hader just seems … Continue reading Barry: A very funny assassin

Sneaky Pete: MC as the fox

Rating: 65/100 Watched: Season 1, episode 1 and 2 A caring brother and a sneaky con-man. Describes his memory as mind palaces, just like in Sherlock. Caught at the end of the road, climbs the walls, etcetera. The first episode was impressionable, watchable, entertaining. The next episode, we are gradually introduced to the background of … Continue reading Sneaky Pete: MC as the fox