[EDITOR][SUBLIME] Packages for Web App Development

I've searching the web for packages of Sublime Text 3 both from the and blogs. Below are those I've found helpful for creating a website. Currently Used SideBarEnhancements sublime linter + sublime linter jslint BracketHighlighter Alignment Material Theme (Do not need "A File Icon") Babel New Found Emmet SublimeCodeIntel + Java​Script Completions Color Highlighter (Already … Continue reading [EDITOR][SUBLIME] Packages for Web App Development

Download a video with no download link

Just use IDM (Internet Download Manager). First, install the free version here or if you feel a bit adventurous, embark on a voyage with https://thepiratebay.org. You probably don't need the guide since it is already very intuitive, but here is a reference on how to use the application. In summary, here are the steps to download a … Continue reading Download a video with no download link