Goosebumps 2015: For the kids

Rating: 50/100 I get the feeling that this is for the kids, and perhaps teenagers, adults should just stay away. The play button just got accidentally clicked and have been left to play. With a quick glimpse, here and there, hearing the conversations, the rating could be just around that, 50. Should be lower, but … Continue reading Goosebumps 2015: For the kids

The Internship 2013: Fun for many generations

Rating: 65/100 Two dudes, old enough to be a dad, just got fired and finds their way among the smart, young, and inexperienced on some aspects talents in one the biggest tech company, Google. The humor comes in the form of interactions of the old and the young, the differences on the generation, and the … Continue reading The Internship 2013: Fun for many generations